GreenEarth® Dry Cleaning

Why GreenEarth® is the Choice of the Clothing Industry

GreenEarth® is a different kind of dry clean that can benefit fashion retailers and their customers alike. The process uses pure liquid silicone, a natural by product of sand; chemically inert with very low surface tension, so it carries away dirt without being abrasive or aggressive – perfectly clean and kinder to delicate and embellished fabrics.

GreenEarth® is a real alternative to harsh petroleum based chemicals such as Perchloroethylene (Perc) scientifically proven to clean just as effectively.

The best part about GreenEarth® compared to traditional dry cleaning is that colours are not stripped away; they stay bright and true, so even after cleaning the designs stay looking as the designer and manufacturer intended - and the customers' clothes are much more likely to remain looking like the day they were bought.

With particular materials and embellishments, there can be a marked difference in the same items when cleaned in GreenEarth® versus Perc.

Johnson Cleaners are a founding member of GreenEarth® and the master licensor in the UK, but we understand that retailers sell their ranges internationally and require any recommendation to be supported worldwide.  Fortunately, GreenEarth® has a global network of affiliated dry cleaners using the technology in more than thirty countries - and counting!

If you are interested in recommending an environmentally friendly, non-toxic aftercare programme for your product, please get in touch using our enquiry form.