Motorcycle Leathers

When did you last clean your Motorbike Leathers?

Johnson Cleaners offers an unrivalled professional leather cleaning service. Our custom-built centre houses a specialist leather care team and equipment, where your leathers will be individually assessed, cleaned and cared for to restore them to their former glory. You can now choose from two different service options:

1) Full Clean and Refurbishment


We start the cleaning and restoration process using GreenEarth® dry cleaning - a gentle, natural alternative to traditional harsh chemicals that is ideally suited for cleaning natural skins without causing stiffening of leather. Dry cleaning your items (rather than simply washing down) means we don’t just clean the road dirt from the outside. The interior armour and lining of your protective gear is all cleaned just as thoroughly. When you consider how these items of clothing are worn – close to the body, multiple times, often in hot conditions – that’s important!


Whether it’s classic black or multi-toned racing colour, part of the leather finisher’s art is finding the perfect match to touch-up or re-spray motorbike leathers where needed. Our talented motorcycle leather team mix their own colours, priding themselves on what is, in many ways, the very essence of the leather finisher’s art.

Your biking leathers are treated with multiple applications of carefully applied, high quality hide food. This leaves the leather and stitching conditioned, supple and the whole item looking at its very best.

Need an alteration or repair?

We also have an on-site team dedicated to repairs and alterations, so we are able to offer a complete service when it comes to cleaning and restoring your motorbike leathers. Just make sure you let us know when you place your order. Additional charges will apply. 

2) Refresh and Finish

If your leathers could simply benefit from a ‘freshen up’, we are now able to offer a new Refresh & Finish service. This service involves your leathers being placed in a highly specialised ozone chamber where the ozone technology breaks down all bacteria particles and completely neutralises odour, leaving your kit smelling really fresh.

The leather care team will then use targeted stain removal methods where needed, and then hand finish your leathers ready for presentation back to you.

Visit Your Local Branch or Order Online

You can take your leathers to any branch of Johnson Cleaners nationwide – find your local branch here.

Alternatively you can place your order online and use our NEW collection and delivery service from the comfort of your own home or workplace. For more information on this service and to place an order today, click here.

How Long will it Take?

The ‘Full Clean and Refurbishment’ service usually takes two weeks, and 'Refresh & Finish' usually takes one week. However each set of leathers is individual and turnaround times can vary depending on the condition of your kit and any special requests.